Chance the Rapper Joined By David Crosby In New Twitter Campaign

Chance The Rapper In Concert

Twitter is hoping a new commercial starring Chance the Rapper will help attract new users. Getty Images

The company unveiled a new TV spot today featuring Chance the Rapper, and says the 60-second commercial will run tonight on ABC against "The Bachelorette".

Twitter wisely picked their greatest rockstar curmudgeon (and greatest user, period), David Crosby, to star in the ad as Chance's beanie-clad troll. Debates and arguing ensue. Of course, Crosby pushes for any song with real instruments.

Watch if unfold below.

Toward the end of the ad, 75-year-old Crosby also tells Chance, "I could up your game", causing both the rapper and rocker to smile before Chance rides a bike onstage to perform. You decide, viewer: Twitter premiered a new ad Monday (June 19) where users users all over the globe recommend songs that Chance the Rapper should play at his shows. "We spotlight the voices of fans, press, influencers and artists-every side of the conversation-at the speed of Twitter", said Twitter CMO Leslie Berland in a blog post.

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