Embarrassing: Trump Lawyer Gets Owned by Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade

U.S. Sen. Angus King listens during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington Wednesday

Embarrassing: Trump Lawyer Gets Owned by Fox & Friends' Brian Kilmeade

A mainstay of the religious right is the newest member of the legal team advising Donald Trump as he faces investigation into possible collusion between his presidential campaign and the Russian government.

In a heated interview on "Fox News Sunday", Trump attorney Jay Sekulow insisted - as he did on the other Sunday political talk shows - that the president was not under criminal investigation, despite reporting from The Washington Post and the president's own tweet that suggested he was a target of the investigation. That tweet, Chris, was in response to The Washington Post story that alleged that five unnamed sources, anonymous sources, leaked to The Washington Post that the president was, in fact, under investigation.

After the Fox News anchor pressed Sekulow over whether Trump was going to fire deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein and Mueller, Sekulow attempted to end the line of questioning.

What Sekulow told Wallace was ominous because it laid out how Trump may try to remove the special counsel.

"So if the legal theory they were applying was correct, this is what it would be: The president of the United States takes legal action based on a recommendation from the Department of Justice to remove the Federal Bureau of Investigation director".

Meyers described Tapper's demeanor as that of a guy trying really hard to give one of those magic eye paintings the benefit of the doubt, but, in another clip, Tapper's colleague, Fox News' Chris Wallace, simply wasn't having it.

Cuomo went on to say that Sekulow could very easily get the answers if he wanted them, implying that if he did call Mueller he might find Trump is actually under investigation, effectively blowing the White House talking point.

"Just because you haven't been notified doesn't mean you're not under investigation", Cuomo replied.

"Because we've received no notice of investigation".

Trump regularly praises the Fox News morning show on Twitter but that didn't stop co-host Brian Kilmeade from challenging the president's Twitter usage. What we know is what James Comey said, the last thing we know is when he testified just a couple weeks back.

"But you know how it works in Washington", Sekulow continued. "The president has not been, and is not under investigation".

But a former federal prosecutor, Brad Simon, told The Post those assertions were "somewhat fanciful". Sekulow holds a Ph.D. from Regent and is a professor at its law school. "That's the the long-established practice of the Justice Department".

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