Kalanick & Michael Out, Martello In at Uber?

Citing unnamed sources, Reuters and The New York Times separately reported that Chief Executive Travis Kalanick may also temporarily leave the company as a result of the meeting on Sunday and Holder's report. Michael, who joined Uber in 2013 and is said to be a close friend of Kalanick, is no stranger to controversy after comments he made in 2014 about investigating journalists critical of Uber.

The world's most valuable venture-backed private company has found itself at a crossroads as its rough-and-tumble approach to local regulations and handling employees and drivers has led to a series of problems.

Some investors are concerned at the power Mr Kalanick has over Uber because of the number of voting shares he controls.

The debate over Kalanick's future comes as he is also facing a personal trauma: His mother died last month in a boating accident, in which his father was also badly injured. Also this year, Uber was caught using a secret in-app tool called "greyball", that helped it evade cops and competitors in areas where the ride-sharing service was not legally allowed to operate.

Uber has been plagued by more than sexual harassment complaints in recent months.

According to the report, Kalanick met with Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding the matter in 2015.

The discussions by the nine-member board preceded a report from Holder's investigation, scheduled to be released on Tuesday, the New York Times reported.

Uber has sincefaced other problems, including an intellectual property dispute over self-driving vehicle technology with Waymo, the self-driving auto business that operates under Google's parent company.

As for Michael himself, it would seem that he understands his precarious position within the company and is preparing to resign, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The investigation began when a former employee Susan Fowler alleged that she was harassed when she worked for the company. Now, the board of directors has to make a decision on how to responsibly manage the structure of a company that's privately valued at nearly $70 billion.

According to reports, ride hailing giant Uber's chief executive could be asked to take a leave of absence under amendment being considered by the firm.

Through the investigation, over 20 employees were fired for various reasons including secual harassment and discrimination.

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