Press for info on Senate health bill

For all the criticism Republicans heaped on the process by which Democrats pushed through President Barack Obama's signature health care bill - without a single Republican vote -the public for the most part knew what was in the bill, and public hearings were held for more than a year.

AARP is in the midst of sponsoring a series of public forums across the state targeting House legislation approved last month. Failure to include such restrictions would jeopardize support from conservative Republican senators, whose votes will be needed for passage. Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst.

The closed approach, which is even more opaque than the process used earlier this year in the House, is all the more remarkable given the bill's likely effect on tens of millions of Americans, many of whom could see their health insurance protections substantially scaled back or eliminated altogether. When asked why he doesn't reveal what is in the secretive Republican health insurance bill, McConnell replied: "I'm not stupid".

West Virginia's House on Friday affirmed its support for more limited tax changes than the Senate had passed, continuing their impasse on any tax changes. He also told reporters it's "not a good process" unless he gets time to read the bill.

Television station records say that AARP is spending about $107,000 on the ads in the Quad-Cities.

The ads will run over the next two weeks.

"There's not the will to move forward with it", House Speaker Tim Armstead, R-Kanawha, said of including income tax reductions in the revenue bill (Senate Bill 1017).

Many Republican senators have pushed for a more gradual phaseout in their bill, as well as preserving certain protections for preexisting conditions under the ACA not maintained in the House bill.

The lung association is among 120 patient groups that last week sent a letter to senior Republican senators expressing concerns about GOP proposals to fundamentally restructure Medicaid, which provides health coverage to more than 70 million Americans.

Popp did not say whether he thinks members of the two parties will actually meet in the Old Senate Chamber.

The Senate is now considering the Obamacare replacement bill that narrowly passed in the House last month, despite almost universal opposition from health care advocates and organizations. No, this is not the best way to do health care.

The House bill, in addition to denying affordable insurance to some 23 million people now covered, also would greatly reduce benefits in some states, squeeze working-class and poor Americans out of Medicaid and raise premiums for people in their 50s and 60s.

There's no indication of what "consequences" the Republican senator is referring to - I assume the lowest uninsured rate on record, for example, isn't something Americans need to be rescued from - but the point of the response is nevertheless clear. The House bill would phase out the money for increased Medicaid coverage by 2020.

Each state targeted in the ad, except for ME, accepted the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion.

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