Andromeda Is Getting A Much Harder Multiplayer Difficulty

Andromeda Is Getting A Much Harder Multiplayer Difficulty

Andromeda Is Getting A Much Harder Multiplayer Difficulty

BioWare has revealed that a new alien race will soon be introduced to Mass Effect Andromeda as part of the game's multiplayer.

Today, BioWare released an official teaser trailer pointing toward the eventual addition of a Platinum Difficulty mode for Mass Effect: Andromeda's APEX multiplayer missions that is set to test fans by imploring them to "Take your skills to the next level". This is the query that needs to be addressed by the publisher and developer, but the publisher/developer duo seems to have adopted a delaying tactic hoping to divert the attention of fans from the Mass Effect series and get them to talk about Bioware's new IP Anthem.

Sinclair Networks was quickly shot down for their false claims.

All things considered, Mass Effect: Andromeda may very well only be receiving multiplayer updates like the Platinum Difficulty mode for the foreseeable future, for with the franchise officially being on hiatus, there's just a small team working on the title at the moment, as the majority of the studio has moved on to other projects. We would prefer waiting until the end of the year before we can place our verdict on the fate of Mass Effect Andromeda.

"We have no news regarding Mass Effect Andromeda DLC at this time".

So now we are as clear on Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC as we are with who Sinclair Networks is.

Batarains notably don't appear in the game's single-player campaign what-so-ever, as this is even the first suggestion that the species made the trek from the Milky Way to the inferior Andromeda galaxy. All we do know is that the studio has now been focusing most of their attention towards the highly anticipated Anthem, following its showcase at E3 this year.

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