EU officials: G20 communique agreed apart from climate issue

The French delegation reportedly made a concerted effort to isolate Trump on climate policy and ensure the rest of the leaders reaffirmed their support for the 2015 agreement.

"That is a realistic but ambitious objective".

She treated the leaders to a concert at Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie on Friday night, where they listened to Beethoven while their aides began their all-night slog to work out a consensus on a trade that had eluded the leaders.

Merkel, meanwhile, said discussions on trade at the summit were proving very difficult.

He has focused on trade relationships where other countries run large surpluses with the US, meaning they sell more to US consumers than they buy from American companies.

Speaking at the G20 summit, Mr Trump told reporters he expects to reach a "very powerful" trade deal with the UK and praised the "special" relationship between the two countries.

"I think [Brown's] message was really important".

While taking "note" of the US decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the G20 communique said, "The Leaders of the other G20 members agree that the Paris Agreement is irreversible".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel further emphasized Trump's isolation on climate policy, saying she "deplored" his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement during a press conference held at the conclusion of the two day summit.

In most other respects, though, the summit meeting had to be a bitter disappointment for the chancellor. Overnight, police clashed with anti-capitalist protesters seeking to disrupt the summit.

The other countries, from European powers such as Germany to emerging ones such as China and energy producers such as Saudi Arabia, merely "took note" of the US position, which was boxed off in a separate paragraph.

The nationalistic stance has set him on collision course with many of America's allies, who warned Trump against an isolationist path and starting a trade war.

"We reaffirm our strong commitment to the Paris Agreement, moving swiftly towards its full implementation in accordance with the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities".

"Markets need to be kept open", she said.

In the G20 communique, the leaders also said they remain committed to fighting corruption, including through international cooperation and technical assistance.

Whether the criticism of holding the summit meeting here will hurt Merkel in the September elections is not clear.

A problem for the optimists is that the US passage of the statement could help cracks grow in the united global front on climate change.

He added that Prime Minister had made a "huge commitment" to implement the Paris agreement.

Also last Saturday, US officials said Trump would order the State Department to redirect $50 million from its foreign-aid budget to a new international public-private partnership to aid midsize businesses run by women, a group his daughter Ivanka Trump helped create.

He's already launched a multi-state effort to keep the country on track to meet the Paris goals and created an alliance of subnational governments aimed at slowing the warming of the planet. The president recently threatened to place fresh tariffs on steel imports.

The leaders recognised the role of legitimate trade defence instruments and vowed to promote favourable environment for trade and investment.

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