Trump pledges $50M to Ivanka's World Bank initiative

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The business organisation has been working to have its voice heard on Brexit

So much for staying out of the politics.

The photo above tweeted by a member of the Russian G20 delegation, and later deleted, shows Ivanka seated at the leaders table between United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May and Chinese president Xi Jinping.

Cabinet officials typically replace the president at high-level sessions when a stand-in is needed.

They also stressed that when other leaders stepped out, their seats were also briefly filled by others.

A photograph of her presence was tweeted by a Russian attendee, but later deleted. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin also occupied the president's seat for a time during another meeting on Friday, according to the official. Surely Ivanka sitting in on a meeting of heads of state was absolutely unprecedented and a clear indication of incompetence in the Trump White House.

But Merkel told reporters that delegations decide for themselves who sits at the table when their president isn't there, and she said Ivanka Trump's actions were perfectly acceptable, given her role in the administration.

Ivanka Trump accompanied her father to several sessions, including this "Partnership with Africa" working meeting, before briefly sitting in for him.

"Always have been", Trump said.

"This is odd", he tweeted.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has worked with Ivanka on related issues, dismissed the kerfuffle at a news conference after the G20 summit ended.

While her siblings, Donald Jr and Eric, took over the family business, Ms Trump put her own fashion brand assets in a trust in order to take an unpaid White House position, a move criticised as nepotism.

Trump praised his daughter for being a "forceful advocate for women entrepreneurs". "That might be the only bad thing she has going if you want to know the truth", Trump added.

The fund for female entrepreneurs has $325 million from donors such as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and the UAE. Ivanka is one of the advisers of an online mentoring tool to match the female entrepreneur owners in developing nations with the fund, Reuters reported.

The president told his Saturday morning audience that 'empowering women is a core value that binds us together, ' and that he is 'very proud of my daughter'.

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