Commissioner Rob Manfred Eyeing MLB Expansion To New Cities

0:42 | MLB         Aaron Judge wins 2017 Home Run Derby and makes it look easy

0:42 | MLB Aaron Judge wins 2017 Home Run Derby and makes it look easy

Major League Baseball's All-Star Week is in full swing in Miami, where MLB commissioner Rob Manfred named Mexico City as one of several possible MLB expansion destinations.

Major League Baseball now has 30 teams - 15 in the National League and 15 in the American League - and is seemingly doing quite well. Manfred said. "I know the mayor of Montreal has been very vocal about bringing baseball back to Montreal".

"It's always a compliment when Charlotte is noticed as a potential Major League Baseball city, however we still contend, as does Commissioner Rob Manfred, that this is years away".

"Charlotte's a possibility. And I'd like to think that Mexico City or some other place in Mexico would be a possibility". But, seeing two of those cities land teams wouldn't be out of the question in the next 10 years.

It has been almost 20 years since Major League Baseball expanded with the addition of the Florida Marlins and Arizona Diamondbacks in 1998, but Manfred's focus right now appears to be on resolving issues surrounding current franchises.

However, before there is any discussion about expansion, Manfred noted that the stadium situations in Oakland and Tampa need to be resolved.

However, he did broach the subject of MLB returning to Montreal, a city that has long since clamoured for professional baseball to come back, with the Expos having left in 2004 to become the Washington Nationals. "As much as I hope that both Oakland and Tampa will get stadiums, I think it would be hard to convince the owners to go forward with an expansion until those situations are resolved".

Or, if the Rays can't figure out a solution to their current stadium woes, we could be rooting for the Montreal Rays in the not-so-distant future.

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