Couple knocked out attempting Dirty Dancing lift

Неудачный фокус пара из США повторила трюк из Грязных танцев

And the groom and the bride suddenly lost consciousness on the most interesting place

The couple, who coincidently have the same surnames, said they would rethink their first dance for the wedding.

Andy and Sharon Price, due to marry later in the year, had "watched the movie more than 30 times", reports the Independent, and wanted to recreate the famous scene in which Jennifer Grey leaps into the arms of Patrick Swayze.

The pair of them were left flat out on the grass and relatives with them took photos as they thought they were playing around.

It was on Saturday, on the "spur of the moment" that the couple made a decision to "get a bit of practice in" and try out the famous Hollywood dance move.

Luckily this time they had some help from two crew members who got down on bended knee on either side of Andy and as Sharon ran towards him they helped lift her into the air.

"I don't think we'll have that one at the wedding, I think we'll go for a traditional slow one and I'll let Andy choose", said Ms Price.

'At first our family thought we were just messing about but they soon realised we had actually really hurt ourselves'.

"When I ran at Andy, he tried to lift me and we collided".

"The paramedics were pretty anxious about Andy and cut his t-shirt off and blue-lighted him up to Southmead Hospital".

But Sharon found it hilarious, telling Holly and Phil: 'I had a laugh in the ambulance with the paramedics in there'.

She said: "The paramedics were pretty anxious about Andy and cut his t shirt off and blue-lighted him up to Southmead Hospital. We're OK now but my back still hurts". Our feet were sill entwined and they had to separate us.

"We were both badly bruised but we're alright now", Sharon said.

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