Beheading 'imminent' of Saudi who planned to attend Western Michigan

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Riyadh March 2017

President Donald Trump shakes hands with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Riyadh March 2017

An worldwide student from Saudi Arabia who was detained on his way to visit a United States college is set to be beheaded in his home country for attending a pro-democracy rally, according to rights watchdogs.

Al-Sweikat was on his way to United States to look into college at Western Michigan University and in OR when he was detained at King Fahd Airport and jailed in Damman for attending pro-democracy protests between 2011 and 2012.

Human rights groups said the execution is troubling.

According to the human rights group Reprieve, Mujtaba'a al-Sweikat was detained at a Saudi Arabian airport on his way to visit WMU in 2012, and he's been imprisoned ever since. "We join the AFT in urging them to use that influence to ask the Saudi government to exhibit compassion".

In the same statement AFT national President Randi Weingarten said Saudi Arabia "should be considered a pariah nation by the world", if the executions take place.

"People must have a right to speak and associate freely".

Maya Foa, Director of Reprieve, has grave concerns for the young man.

The AFT says they are urging President Trump to contact the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to stop the execution.

Al-Sweikat was reportedly interested in studying finance in the US.

"To carry out these executions would constitute an appalling breach of worldwide law, and world leaders including President Trump, Secretary Tillerson and Prime Minister May should use their close ties to Saudi Arabia to make clear that these egregious abuses must end and the imminent executions must be halted", the organisation said in a statement.

The American Federation of Teachers is a labor union founded in 1916. "We implore President Trump, as the standard-bearer for our great nation, to do everything in his power to stop the atrocities that may otherwise take place in Saudi Arabia". If he refused to admit to any allegations, he was again beaten, tortured and subjected to verbal abuse. However, after an extensive search, the university did not find any record of Mujtaba'a applying to any of the campuses of the University of MI. U-M officials spent 18 hours searching records going back several years at all of its campuses and were unable to locate him as a student - either one who enrolled or had been accepted, a spokeswoman told the Free Press.

Mujtaba is part of a group facing execution by beheading for offenses related to attending protests, Reprieve said. On May 25, Saudi Arabia's high court confirmed his death sentence, the global human rights group said.

According to Foa, the family of a man who was executed by the Saudi government a little over a year ago only found out about the execution by reading it in a newspaper.

Four others were executed July 12 for similar protest-related charges.

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