Delray Beach toddler dies in hot vehicle

A one-year-old boy died Saturday after he was trapped for two hours inside a BMW that was parked outside his family's home in Florida. Police in Delray Beach identified the boy on Sunday as Khayden Saint Saveur

Delray Beach toddler dies in hot vehicle

A Florida boy who was supposed to turn 2-years-old in August died after he was found trapped in his father's hot auto Saturday, police said.

Khayden Saint Sauveur may have been trapped in the vehicle for hours outside his home before his family found him, Delray Beach police said. First responders took the boy to Bethesda Hospital.

According to Delray Beach Police, the child was playing with friends when he somehow ended up inside the sweltering vehicle, Saturday.

A police spokeswoman told the newspaper that it wasn't clear how the child got into the vehicle. He was declared dead in hospital a short while later. He was a month shy of his second birthday.

"It's tragic", said Carly Saint Saveur, the child's uncle.

"Death investigation continues", police said in a Tweet on Sunday.

Sun Sentinel reported that at the time of the hot auto death, there was one adult inside of the home. Temperatures in Delray Beach reached 90 degrees on Saturday. "If they're sitting in the driveway, hide the keys", Moschella said.

Police said that the inside of a auto parked outside in those conditions could climb to 150 degrees within a few minutes. Several cars were seen lining the street as groups of people stood outside.

'He was always a jumpy little boy, ' Anderson Exantus, 19, said. He described the child as being full of energy and said his parents treated the toddler well.

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