Japan to warn of greater threat from North Korea in new report

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Japan to warn of greater threat from North Korea in new report

China suspended imports of North Korean coal in February, while imports of iron ore accord with relevant United Nations resolutions, he said.

But coal imports slumped by 75%, suggesting Beijing is gradually choking off North Korea's biggest source of foreign currency.

The Japanese government sees the threat from North Korea rising to a new level as the reclusive nation makes steady progress in its nuclear and missile development program, according to a draft of a white paper on defense for 2017. "China customs have all along fully, accurately, conscientiously and strictly enforced relevant Security Council resolutions".

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is sending tens of thousands of North Koreans to Russian Federation in order to carry out what is being described as slave-like labor and earn money for his regime in Pyongyang, according to Fox News.

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The UN and the USA have attempted to use sanctions for the past decade in an attempt to stem North Korea's nuclear weapons development, but the latest July 4 test, which demonstrated a significant advance in its capabilities, have forced global bodies to reconsider their response going forward. They argue against disrupting trade in food and other goods that might cause public hardship.

China has friendly relations with North Korea and trades with it, a point of contention with the US.

Total Chinese imports from North Korea declined 13.2 per cent in the first half of the year compared with a year earlier to United States dollars 1.7 billion, while exports to the North rose 29.1 per cent to USD 880 million, the Chinese Customs agency reported today.

Huang said month-on-month figures showed an even sharper decline. "Trade related to DPRK people's livelihood, especially those that reflect humanitarianism should not be influenced by the sanctions", Huang said.

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