Justin Bieber's been in trouble with the police again

Bieber cited by police

Justin Bieber's been in trouble with the police again

Bieber reportedly received a ticket on Saturday (local time) after being caught using his cellphone behind the wheel.

Justin was cruising around in a Mercedes G-Wagon when the police officer spotted him and pulled him over.

It remains unclear if he was using the phone for texting, talking, or perhaps playing Pokemon.

Justin Bieber is no stranger to controversy so it should come as no surprise that he's been caught by the long arm of the law again.

He was also issued a citation two years back in 2015 for speeding in Beverly Hills.

The fine for using your phone whilst driving in California is US$150. A cell phone ticket is approximately only $162 in Los Angeles, so Bieber shouldn't have a problem paying the fine.

It's not the first time the "Love Yourself" hitmaker has shared an old mugshot on the photo sharing app either, as in April he shared another snap from his 2014 arrest alongside a more recent picture. In January 2014 the singer was arrested in Miami Beach on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), driving with an over six month expired license, and resisting arrest without violence. Later that year the singer was arrested again and this time charged with unsafe driving and assault, after a collision between a minivan and an ATV near his hometown of Stratford, Ontario.

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