Microsoft, Google Back Strong Net Neutrality on Broadband Firms

The net neutrality fight is also about protecting your privacy online

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A lobbying group representing US tech giants including Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft has called on the US Federal Commission to abandon its plans to overturn the net neutrality regulations adopted by the previous administration.

The trade body added that it was "open to alternative legal bases for the rules, either via legislative action codifying the existing net neutrality rules or via sound legal theories offered by the commission" but that, as it stands, Pai's proposal now "offers no clear alternatives".

The Internet Association said in its filing with the FCC that dismantling the net neutrality rules "will create significant uncertainty in the market and upset the careful balance that has led to the current virtuous circle of innovation in the broadband ecosystem".

If FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has his way, the concept of net neutrality - that all ISPs provide equal access and availability to the internet, and can't prioritize speed for websites or apps that they own - will soon be upended.

They argue that Congress should replace the FCC rules with legislation codifying net neutrality principles - though Democrats counter that any legislative replacement would unnecessarily water down the protections. The scrubbing of an open internet hinges on the dismantling of Obama-era Title II regulations, which now forbid telecoms companies from creating fast-lanes for prioritized websites.

More than 8.3 million public comments have been filed on the proposal.

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