N. Korea may have more plutonium than previously thought, experts say

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North Korea has developed an intercontinental ballistic missile that can potentially reach the US, but it is unlikely Kim Jong-un would use it on a whim.

An exclusive report by Reuters reveals that the administration is drawing up plans to impose sanctions on small Chinese banks dealing with Pyongyang, as well as "shell" companies with links to North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, according to senior administration officials.

Well, they should be anxious, and not just because they may have underestimated the size of Kim's stockpiles.

This consciously sustained paranoia against the USA has been cleverly leveraged to manipulate the unfortunate North Korean masses and deny them any freedom or liberty to ensure dynastic succession.

In 1993, the USA engaged in tense negotiations with North Korea after it threatened to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The increase in production points to another potential problem, which is proliferation. The best case scenario would then be one in which the North Koreans quickly realize that they have bitten off more than they can chew, and they accept the demands of the global community.

"It's possible Kim Jong Un confirmed the quality and packaging of goods through secretly filmed video", the source said. If Pyongyang is producing it in excess of their ability to produce weapons, that might become a concern.

Trump and Kim have exchanged threats, and the nuclear confrontation is becoming personal to both. So what can be done? Total Chinese imports from North Korea declined 13.2 percent in the first half of the year compared with a year earlier to Dollars 1.7 billion, while exports to the North rose 29.1 per cent to USD 880 million, the Chinese Customs agency reported today. Beijing fears that Chinese territory will also fall under the surveillance of the THAAD thus enabling the United States to spy on China's military activities including those on the South China Sea.

The advantage of starting with student visas is twofold: The unintended harm done would be more limited than any military strike, and visas are likely a more effective lever than sanctions.

Gambling that China will cooperate hand-in-glove with the United States on the North Korea file was always going to be a hard and unlikely undertaking.

Asia is already a unsafe place, with both Indian and Pakistani nuclear missiles and a likely nuclear Iran in the not-so-distant future.

It took five days to adopt UNSC Resolution 1718 following the first nuclear test in 2006, 18 days to adopt UNSC Resolution 1874 in response to the second nuclear test in 2009, and 23 days to adopt UNSC Resolution 2094 after the country's third nuclear test in 2013.

We are nearing an existential showdown, as failed efforts at bribery and appeasement have run their course.

The THAAD system is created to detect and destroy short, medium and intermediate range ballistic missiles. All told, over 1.2 million people are estimated to have been killed in the conflict - Americans, Chinese, North and South Koreans and others from United Nations countries.

"We will adopt a strong UNSC resolution to impose additional sanctions on North Korea, and do not want compromised resolutions", Haley emphasized, indicating that the United States will not tolerate a lower level of sanctions due to opposition from China and Russian Federation.

According to the committee's spokesman, the United States announced the decision to deploy tactical nuclear weapons on January 29, 1957, and more than 1,720 tactical nukes were in the South until the mid-1980s. The new weapon is a significant tool which may, through further testing and improvements, aid the North Korean regime as it attempts to realize its strategic ambitions.

"Even if their cost is double that of Australia's", said Chowdhury, "they're still making a profit". Sadly, many North Koreans are happy to be shipped to Russian Federation and will even pay a bribe, due to the failing economy and bad conditions in their home country. Perhaps China can just take over powering the fence, and then finally push to end the Kim dynasty's psychopathic grip on power.

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