S Korea Seeks Military Talks With North to Ease Military Tensions

S. Korea offers talks on tension family reunions with North

S Korea Seeks Military Talks With North to Ease Military Tensions

The price of gasoline sold by private dealers in Pyongyang and the northern border cities of Sinuiju and Hyesan jumped to $2.18 per kg ($2.92 per liter) as of July 5, up 50 percent from $1.46 per kg on June 21, according to Reuters analysis of data collected by the Daily NK website.

Myanmar insists that arms deals and other military relations with North Korea stopped before its transition to a nominally civilian government in 2011.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson doubled down on American efforts to go after states violating international law in their dealings with Pyongyang.

Moon suggested earlier this month hostile military activities at the border be ended on July 27, the anniversary of the 1953 armistice agreement that ended the Korean War.

Trump's simplistic assessment of the situation offers, "North Korea is looking for trouble".

Though plenty of sanctions have been lifted on Myanmar since the country's reforms, those with respect to North Korea have stayed in place, according to Ruggiero.

Moon has said he will use both dialogue and pressure to resolve the standoff over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs. "It would not look favorably if they're allowing the dark ages to remain by banning pro-democracy, human rights and peace activists from entering their country".

Seoul has proposed rare military talks to North Korea for as early as this week, saying that the negotiations may "ease tensions" and establish long-awaited peace on the Korean Peninsula, where the states are technically still at war with each other.

"Just as the church in Germany took an important role in the reunification of East and West Germany, the Korean church will raise our voice for the peaceful co-existence of two Koreas", Father Lee added.

Tongilgak is a North Korean building at the Panmunjom truce village on the border used for previous inter-Korea talks.

Unveiling his peace vision in the German capital earlier this month, the South's liberal leader stressed the importance of dialogue to address the current situation, which he described as "highly dangerous".

In Korea, we stretched definitions of "military targets" to justify the practice of targeting and killing of civilians.

The proposal came roughly a week after Moon said the need for dialogue with North Korea was more pressing than ever to curb Pyongyang's nuclear and missile programmes.

"We hope that the two Koreas will make efforts to break the stalemate and create conditions for a resumption of negotiations", Lu Kang, spokesman of China's foreign ministry, said at a press briefing.

The extent of Myanmar's relationship with North Korea is not fully known, but analysts say it still exists, which is why Ambassador Yun's trip is important to the US.

The DDI was previously sanctioned in 2012 and accused of materially assisting North Korea's regime, but had fallen off the sanctions list in October after the Obama administration dropped most measures against Myanmar in recognition of a successful political transition.

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