Shaq calls out LaVar Ball while lip-syncing Carrie Underwood

Lonzo Ball put up 36 points but not in his signature shoes

Lonzo Ball put up 36 points but not in his signature shoes. More

Over the weekend, LaVar was informed Shaq's comments that he agreed with his son, Shareef, that he was better than LaMelo Ball, who is now a sophomore in high school.

If you thought your ration of comical claims from LaVar Ball would come to an end after he spoke his son Lonzo Ball in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform into existence, you have another thing coming.

His response was that He and LaMelo would kill Shaq and his son if they ever played 2-on-2. The stakes? If LaVar beats Shaq, Shaq promises to super-glue a blond wig to his head. It's only one BIG BALLER BRAND and that's me THE SHAQ BRAND.

The towering 7-foot-1 Diesel even warned a wake-up call to the loudmouthed Ball, saying he's made more free throws per game than he averaged points per game, calling him "Mr. 2.2 a game" in light of his college scoring average.

LaVar Ball is at it again and this time he's issued a challenge to a Hall of Fame center.

Don't expect LaVar to actually take this offer, because even a 45-year-old Shaq is still risky with his back to the basket.

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