Storm to the rescue! Heartwarming video shows dog save drowning fawn

Unbelievable Animals Balder Bald Eagle in Recovery

Unbelievable Animals Balder Bald Eagle in Recovery

Mark Freeley was walking Storm when they spotted the fawn struggling in the water. "He had swam over his head", the rescue group said on Facebook, "tucked the deer under his arm, looped a dog lead over her head and slowly swam back to shore".

Freeley started filming when he saw that Storm was desperately trying to drag something back on shore.

But the ordeal wasn't over yet.

A NY man and his dog are being credited for rescuing an exhausted fawn floating in Long Island Sound not just once, but twice.

Freeley immediately called the experts to check on the fawn.

"This time it went out even further", Freeley said. After about eight minutes, Freeley and a member of Strong Island Rescue were able to once again save the deer.

As a second animal rescue person arrived, Frankie told them he blew his knee out and asked his colleague to take the deer from his arms.

He credited the hard part to his partner Erica Kutzing.

Floridia said his partner, Erica Kutzing, ran about a mile on the beach to help with the rescue.

"I don't think I could've done it without the help of my partner".

Kutzing carried the fawn back to the rescue van.

The fawn, which was covered in ticks and suffered an eye injury, should make a full recovery.

The fawn was taken to the Save The Animals Rescue (STAR) Foundation.

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