This Irish Mum Recreated Beyonce's Baby Photo And It's Hilarious

Flawless! Irish mother of twins hilariously replicates Beyonce's baby reveal photo wearing Converse and wrapped in a

Irish mum recreates Beyonce shoot and the results are hilarious

I have the twins, the blanket and the veil, a few home-grown flowers in the garden... "My 6 year old took the qualifications and still did a mighty job", she says in another post on Facebook.

In February, social networking sites were swirling the same way when the 35-year old singer posted a photograph of herself wearing lingerie and a long veil and caressing her baby bump. "I haven't seen her in concert but would follow her as much as the next person. Then they asked me to make my posts public and it spiraled from there", Kellaway added. "I sent it to my friend Sinead in Canada, who said post it". "She will never know the reality of twins", Kellaway said, alluding to the fact that the Grammy-award singer will always have more than enough help with the children. "Hilarious. Gave everyone a laugh today".

In her caption, Tina points to stanza number three as her favorite, saying, "Sometimes we are the reason we can't find love!"

In the pictures, Kellaway posed in her garden and was draped in a blanket. The Irish lady topped the entire look with a pair of Converse sn's baby pictures.

She also said she thought the photoshopped pictures of the superstar with her newborns were not the greatest example of what it is really like to have twins.

The recent photo is an acclamation to her pregnancy declaration photograph.With this, also comes the confirmation from the United States singer on naming the twins, Sir #Carter and Rumi. Sir is a prefix that is used as a title before a man's name whereas Rumi is a Japanese girl's name.

However, some have proposed "Rumi" might be named after the thirteenth-century Persian poet, Jelaluddin Rumi. We're not sure as to how many GRAMMYs Sharon has.

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