Trump denounces poll as being shown with record low approval rating

Trump denounces poll as being shown with record low approval rating

Trump denounces poll as being shown with record low approval rating

Amid a seemingly endless stream of stories set in small-town restaurants wherein President Trump's hard-core supporters explain they don't care about his collusion with Russian Federation, a major new poll underlines a hard truth: He is still really unpopular. The number is lower than for any previous USA president in polls dating back 70 years.

A Gallup poll released Monday showed that 40 percent of US adults agreed with Mr. Trump on the issues, but just 34 percent said he had presidential personality and leadership qualities.

Disapproving respondents cited the Trump family's incredibly sketchy dealings with Russian Federation, the wildly unpopular Republican healthcare bill, and the truly embarrassing sight Trump strikes when dealing with other world leaders.

A June 2016 meeting revealed last week between Trump's eldest son, top aides and several Russians in an apparent bid to acquire negative information about Democrat Hillary Clinton was viewed by more than 60 percent as inappropriate, even as almost half of Republicans viewed the meeting as appropriate.

Almost 70% of those who thought Russian Federation interfered, said they believe Trump's aides attempted to collude with Russian Federation. A 55 per cent majority say Trump is not making significant progress toward his goals. A sampling: Two-thirds of those polled said they don't trust him to negotiate with world leaders. But nearly half of all Republicans call the meeting appropriate. A poll carried by Gallup revealed Donald Trump's popularity in public.

Mr Trump's healthcare plans were also unpopular, with less than a quarter of those surveyed preferring the Republican bill to existing laws.

Start off with the 36 percent of Americans who approve of Trump.

But even the total poll was tilted toward the counties less favorable to Trump and the GOP.

However, there was some good news for the president, with 43 percent approving of his handling of the economy (41 percent disapprove).

Sixteen percent said they aren't ready to rate his performance. None of the president's modern predecessors have been in this position, and opposition to Trump has reached levels Obama and Clinton never saw at any point in their years in the Oval Office.

Comparatively, approval ratings remained low among non-white Protestants, college educated white women, Hispanics, and blacks.

The number is down from 42 percent in April, while his disapproval numbers have risen 5 points to 58 percent.

Of those polled who count themselves as conservative Republicans, Trump received a 90-percent approval. Partisan divisions are 35-23-35 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.

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