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The Scottish government is set to scrap the public sector pay cap

The Scottish government is set to scrap the public sector pay cap

The SNP were joined by Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones in voicing protest at the so called "Great Repeal Bill", which will transfer European Union legislation into United Kingdom legislation so it can be altered at a nation state level.

The First Ministers of Scotland and Wales, Nicola Sturgeon and Carwyn Jones described it as a "naked power grab" because it does not immediately return European Union powers to devolved administrations and said they would withhold legislative consent from the Bill as it stands.

The shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer MP, has said Labour is "putting the Government on notice" it may vote against the Bill, and possible weakening of environmental protections are top of the party's agenda.

THE CONTROVERSY over potential Westminster centralisation of power has been sharpened by the publication of plans for a Brexit bill that lacks plans for the transfer of powers to devolved administrations.

He said: "Scotland will stand the best chance of keeping control of its devolved powers if the Scottish government can act with the full backing of our national Parliament".

In his letter, Mr Russell highlights concerns that the bill enables UK-wide frameworks on devolved matters to be "imposed" by the UK Government rather than "agreed" with the devolved administrations.

"In particular, it empowers United Kingdom ministers to make changes in devolved policy areas without any involvement of either the Scottish government or the Scottish Parliament".

A spokesman added: "We welcome the Scottish and Welsh governments recognising common frameworks may be needed in some areas. Our aim is to establish common frameworks only where they are needed".

Farming more widely is set to be a key battleground as the Bill passes through parliament.

On Thursday, the first minister met Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, in Brussels.

It has pledged to "consult" with the UK's devolved administrations during the Brexit process.

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