Walmart responds to product offensively labeled online



The slur was found in a color description for a net cap meant for weaving. Pictures of the description spread across social media and on Monday prompted an apology from Walmart.

The retailer explained that manufacturers and suppliers provide product descriptions, and that listing had not yet been verified by Walmart.

Walmart is apologizing for a racial slur that was included in a product description on its website.

Walmart customers are furious after they noticed a product being sold in "n--r brown". Author Roxane Gay said that the use of the word was "so far past unacceptable". "It is a clear violation of our policy, and has been removed, and we are investigating the seller to determine how this could have happened", writes Director or Corporate Communications Danit Marquardt. Back in January, a story published on Yahoo contained the racial slur in a headline in an apparent typo. Many other users bombarded Twitter with screenshots of the page.

Meanwhile, Jagazi issued a statement on its website saying it is aware of the Walmart image and that someone used the company's name to list an item. Others have criticized Walmart for passing the buck onto the third-party seller rather than taking total responsibility for what ended up on its website.

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