Woman shot at gender-reveal party wasn't pregnant

Woman shot at gender-reveal party wasn't pregnant

Woman shot at gender-reveal party wasn't pregnant

Police say that an injured woman claiming to have lost a child during a mass shooting in OH earlier this month did not lose a child, and that she wasn't even pregnant.

Nine people were shot - one fatally - at a gender reveal party July 8 on Capstan Drive.

Autumn Garrett, 22, of Huntington, Indiana, was shot and killed after two suspects entered the home where the party was being held and opened fire.

Willis said after the incident that she was no longer pregnant because of an injury she suffered in the shooting. She had told local media she lost her unborn child after she was wounded.

But Colerain police are now saying that Willis lied and made up her pregnancy. They said in a statement that they haven't identified or arrested any suspects in the case yet, and Willis has continuously provided false information to them. "Hours and days have been wasted following leads known to be lies when they were provided to our officers".

"From the very beginning of this investigation, we have met significant resistance that is uncommon from victims of crime wanting a resolution", police said. But police are saying there was never a baby on the way in the first place.

Family members said an unborn child was also killed in the investigation, but police said this information is not true.

"The goal of the party was to disclose the gender of Cheyanne Willis' unborn child", the police report on the shooting filed by a patrol officer said.

But police now believe Cheyanne Willis, who was shot in the leg at a shower in her unborn baby's honor, was not truthful about losing an unborn child, and appears to not have been pregnant. Denney added that he thought the renter of the home owned the gun. Authorities are offering a reward of up to $100,000 for information that leads to the capture of the responsible parties.

Willis was the subject of a December 2014 viral video where she assaulted in a mall parking lot.

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