PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Players Will Soon Have A Lot More Character Customization Options


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Players Will Soon Have A Lot More Character Customization Options

In a video released in November 2016, on the topic of character customization, Jordi Rovira from Anticto - a company focused on character customization systems development - talked about the specifics of customizing a game like Battlegrounds.

There will apparently be new faces, skin tones, and hairstyles to select from, along with several additional character customisation options. This could also be a tactical challenge considering players would probably want to be as disguised as possible - a bright clown suit, for example, might give them a tactical disadvantage.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground has been attracting a number of players in recent months (four million in fact, as of June), and the game's executive producer Chang Han Kim recently spoke to PVP Live about the customisation options for the game, saying that a lot more is coming on that front.

Devs have previously announced plans to expand the character creation screen. Tattoos, clothing logos, and other clothes interactions were a few of the ideas shared. "Soon, you will be able to design your character to a tee". Also similar to Ubisoft's For Honor, where shield and gear bear your preferred design. You'll be able to adorn your battle-toned torso with any number of tattoos, for instance, plastering them wherever you see fit-and you can impress your would-be slaughterers with your advanced fashion sense by liberally emblazoning your outfits with logos too. Beyond that, however, we believe Bluehole will add all sorts of variations for hair, skin tone, perhaps even facial hair when they release the final product. However, there have been reports from previous datamined information that a lot more character customization options will be heading to the game.

While players can now use an option to switch from the game's traditional third-person mode to first-person, there's no way to force all players on a server to use the same perspective.

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