Trail Blazers troll Lonzo Ball on Twitter for switching shoes

Trail Blazers troll Lonzo Ball on Twitter for switching shoes

Trail Blazers troll Lonzo Ball on Twitter for switching shoes

Asked whether there is still a chance for a big shoe brand to sign his son, LaVar responded: "If the price is right". The players are the brand ambassadors.

Ball switched things up when he stepped onto the court for the Los Angeles Lakers last week, when he wore bright purple Nike shoes in honor of Kobe Bryant.

Well, NOW those reasons are known: Lonzo's trying to get a shoe deal by wearing brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour, in an attempt to show them what they're missing out on.

Lonzo Ball signature shoes Big Baller's ZO2: SHO'TIME! He spun the story to his advantage by claiming that owning his own sneaker label gives him the freedom to wear whatever kicks he wants, when he wants to.

Lonzo Ball in Curry's tonight as he told Cassidy Hubbarth he would be doing. After the game, the reporters wanted to know why he was wearing Nike shoes instead of his Big Baller Brand shoes. He dropped 21 points in the second half alone in a game on Saturday night to help Portland advance to the Summer League semifinals, and had 13 in the fourth quarter. It seems fans are nearly more interested now in what shoes he will wear next. They are priced at $495 and will begin shipping November 23. But some insiders in the shoe industry thought it was odd that Lonzo was wearing other brands so soon.

LaVar was referring to his proposed billon-dollar licensing deal he wanted to strike with one of the major basketball shoe brands (Nike, Adidas or Under Armour) to team up with Big Baller Brand. Days later, the first Big Baller Brand shoes launched on the company website.

LaVar Ball also said he's still open to Lonzo signing a shoe deal with a more established brand. Playing on the Lakers, plus the power of his holdout, could boost that to over $2 million per year.

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