Trump wants new NAFTA deal to cut trade deficit with Mexico

Trump's steel push hits heavy opposition

Trump wants new NAFTA deal to cut trade deficit with Mexico

Trump did not give details about what his administration would do to protect manufacturers, but he railed against tariffs charged by other countries and unfair trade practices.

While the USA has been open about concerns with NAFTA, Canadian political leaders have been largely silent on what they want from the upcoming talks.

The United States on Monday outlined its priorities for renegotiating the NAFTA trade agreement and said it would focus on ensuring better access for USA goods exported to Canada and Mexico in order to reduce the US trade deficit.

Trump, who regularly blasted both NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during the 2016 presidential campaign, made renegotiation or elimination of the two trade deals a top priority during his first 100 days.

Now U.S. lawmakers will have a say. "I don't care if it's a renovation of NAFTA, or a brand new NAFTA, but we do have to make it fair", the president said February 2, adding that "it's very unfair to the American worker, and very, very unfair to companies that do business in the United States".

NAFTA talks are expected to begin on or around August 16. The president was able to take in a good number of rank and file union members that usually vote Democratic, even though many union leaders threw support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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