White House planning 'Made in America' week

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If the media believed Russian hacking was a crime against our democracy why did they publish the fruits of that crime

"This week the Trump administration will honor the wonderful American workers and companies who have products that are made in America", Helen Ferre, the White House's director of media affairs, told reporters at a briefing here Sunday. By highlighting the state of manufacturing the US, advisers told The Post that he hopes to "substantially reduce to corporate tax rate".

"This week the Trump administration will honor the unbelievable American workers and companies who have products that are made in America", White House Director of Media Affairs Helen Ferre told reported July 16.

This has direct links to the growing criticism against the move by President Donald Trump's administration for hypocrisy as many people, netizens especially, showed how contrary to what the White House preaches about, the Trump products are themselves made in foreign countries. Certain industries we don't do as much anymore in terms of scalability.

In an effort to help support US -based manufacturers, the Trump administration declared this this week "Made in America" week. Lawmakers are reviewing whether the Trump campaign's team worked with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.

But critics have accused him of hypocrisy because numerous products he has sold over the years were manufactured overseas.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer defended the Trump family's penchant for making products overseas by blaming supply chains in the U.S. The White House announced that July 24 kicks off "American Heroes" week while July 31 starts the week of the "American Dream".

Asked whether the president would use his "Made in America" week to commit the Trump organization and his daughter's brand to make more of their products in America, rather than overseas, Ferre was non-committal. To this she responded by saying that she will get back to the question with a reply. These factories employ low-wage workers in countries such as Indonesia, China, and Bangladesh.

It seems the Trump administration wants to take control of the policy messages coming out of the White House - with some "themed weeks".

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