Firefox Can Now Open a Ridiculous Number of Tabs in Seconds

Firefox can open over 1,500 tabs in 15 seconds

Dietrich Ayala

And we mean lots of tabs.

A tab hoarder at Mozilla chose to document the performance of the latest versions of Firefox and found that the engineers responsible for improving the browser's responsiveness have actually been doing their jobs: while Firefox 51 took almost 8 minutes to open a profile comprising 1691 tabs, the same only took Firefox 55 and 56 a couple of seconds.

Dietrich Ayala took a profile where he had 1,691 tabs and carried out testing to see how fast, and how much memory Firefox versions 20, 30, 40, and 50 through to 56 would take to handle this enormous load.

According to Ayala's benchmarking, Firefox 54 took over four minutes to start up with this massive-multi-tab configuration open in the browser, but with Firefox 55 that time has been reduced to just 15 seconds. That's obviously a startling improvement at just a quarter of the previous figure. Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, has turned its focus to improving the performance of its web browser, under the project name of Quantum Flow.

Mozilla will be hoping to attract power users with this freshly streamlined operation and added nippiness, although it isn't just those of us who have hundreds of tabs open simultaneously who will benefit. In the chart below you can see the Quantum Flow optimised app uses up under half a GB of RAM while older modern versions would easily consume 2GB plus.

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