Matt Groening Is Bringing 'Disenchantment' To Netflix

Matt Groening Is Bringing 'Disenchantment' To Netflix

Matt Groening Is Bringing 'Disenchantment' To Netflix

Of all the Netflix acquisitions, Disenchantment is one of the biggest, and that's simply because Groening is a TV legend.

The series, aimed at an adult audience, will feature voice acting from Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre and Nat Faxon as various characters in the "crumbling" kingdom of Dreamland. The world will be populated with all kinds of ogres, trolls, imps, sprites, harpies, and humans.

Netflix has confirmed that Disenchantment will run for "10 episodes at a time", which seems to imply that additional seasons have already been ordered.

Matt Groening's new animated series, "Disenchantment", finally has a premiere date of 2018 on Netflix.

Bill Oakley, another longtime "Simpsons" collaborator, also announced on Twitter that he would be working on "Disenchantment".

I'm sure the series won't be for everyone, while I can't begin to understand why you wouldn't love The Simpsons, I can accept that some people just don't.

Cindy Holland, Netflix VP, Original Content, noted that the new series will bear Groening's "trademark animation style and biting wit", and added that "we think it's a ideal fit for our many Netflix animation fans".

Are you looking forward to a new series from Groening?

Even with all the magic and fantasy that's sure to be present in the show, Disenchantment will likely ground and humanize things just as Futurama did. Groening will also bring along some his voice cast from Futurama, including Billy West, John DiMaggio, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, and David Herman.

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