Christian group tries to close Kentucky's last abortion clinic

Protesters at the EWM Women’s Surgical Center

Protesters at the EWM Women’s Surgical Center

He says the members of Operation Save America, a Texas-based anti-abortion group involved with this case, are in town this week to get people talking about abortion and he says they're accomplishing that goal.

A news conference is planned Tuesday in downtown Louisville as the dispute over a buffer zone outside the state's only abortion clinic is settled.

"Church-going men and women in Louisville and the surrounding area in both Kentucky and in who come out to plead with women not to get an abortion, who hold signs depicting both the gruesome reality of murder and the beauty of life, and who preach the gospel, are now considered far more unsafe than the ones who are killing innocent children", he stated, according to Christian News Network.

The opponents, who had been challenging the temporary order in court, said they will let the order continue until it expires later this week. On Tuesday, Thomas' attorney said it violates free speech since it's located on a public sidewalk.

The news conference comes on the heels of the two sides reaching an agreement Monday evening to keep the temporary restraining order in place.

"It was great", Canon said.

The order, issued by U.S. District Court Judge David Hale, came after 10 individuals were arrested in May for blocking the entrance to EMW Women's Clinic in Louisville. The order was aimed at almost a dozen anti-abortion activists who were arrested at a May demonstration at the EMW clinic when police said they blocked access to the downtown Louisville clinic.

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