Boycott 'done up like a kipper' on Test Match Special

CricketSportGeoffrey Boycott falls for hilarious prank live on air Jack Peat

CricketSportGeoffrey Boycott falls for hilarious prank live on air Jack Peat

Boycott, now covering the series between England and South Africa for BBC's iconic Test Match Special was wound up by his co-commentator Jonathan Agnew, who executed a well-prepared, perfectly-timed prank on the Yorkshireman.

"Further to the recent request from the South African government, the ICC has now considered the question of downgrading all statistics including runs and wickets in the series played England and the Rest of the World in 1970". One meticulously crafted detail led to another, and soon, Boycott was left fuming, calling it "a load of tripe" and "absolutely ridiculous".

Agnew referred to one of Boycott's 100 hundreds, in a game at The Oval against a Rest of the World side, which was demoted from a Test to a first-class game, and read off a "press release", which now stripped it off its first-class status too. First-class umpires, first-class players, some of the best players in the world were playing.

If the new ICC direction was to be believed, the major landmark was in fact only Boycott's 99 hundred.

Boycott then confirmed a charity fundraising evening was planned to mark the 40 anniversary of the achievement.

Agnew said, "You'll have to cancel it. That's silly", Boycott said. "It's a mess, a complete mess", Boycott exclaimed.

Boycott continued to fume but the commentary box erupted with laughter when Agnew stood up to end his shift and told his co-worker that the whole thing had been a wind-up.

"You Muppet", was all Boycott would muster in response, desperately trying not to curse on air. I'll get you for that!'.

Boycott was obviously taken aback.

Later on, the former cricketer vowed to get back to Agnew for what he had done.

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