BMW confirms United Kingdom diesel trade-in scheme

BMW want to pay you £2,000 to trade-in your dirty diesel

BMW want to pay you £2,000 to trade-in your dirty diesel

Buyers of low-emission BMWs and Minis can get £2,000 off when they trade in their old diesel model.

BMW UK is offering customers a £2,000 subsidiary to upgrade to a new Euro-6 compliant vehicle, and all new BMW and MINI cars with emissions under 130g/km will be available with the discount until the end of the year.

The German premium brand had already announced a similar scheme in its native Germany as it joins with other German manufacturers to reduce NOx emissions levels.

Of key note is the fact that prospective customers can qualify for the scheme by trading in a diesel-powered Euro-4 standard or older vehicle from any brand - not just BMW or MINIs.

The announcement follows the news last week of a similar scheme in Germany, agreed at a Diesel Forum meeting by German government officials and the country's vehicle industry that also saw BMW, along with Daimler, Opel and Volkswagen, agree to offer free NOx-reducing software updates for cars in Germany.

Graeme Grieve, chief executive of BMW Group UK, said: "BMW offers the widest range of low emission vehicles of any manufacturer".

There are now over 11.2 million diesel cars on British roads, with nearly one in five more than 12 years old.

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