Game Of Thrones stars discuss big reunion

So could Tyrion turn his back on Daenerys in favor of his brother? There's been a lot of speculation that Daenerys could follow in her father's footsteps and end up a Mad Queen, and Tyrion definitely looked uncomfortable with all the mayhem, destruction, and burning flesh.

Once for blood means Tyrion will favor Jaime over Daenerys Targaryen because blood is thicker than water.

In the big picture, we're rooting for Daenerys to overthrow Cersei, but "The Spoils of War" pitted Dany against the most sympathetic members of the royal administration: Jaime, the only member of Cersei's inner circle with a conscience; Bronn, a fan favorite and audience surrogate; and Dickon Tarly, who got a few quiet moments to show that even though he's his awful father's favorite son, he's not a complete, well, you know.

Varys is one of the few people who truly care for the people of Westeros. Basically, it could be either of them but more likely Varys 'cause... well, his history is kinda hard to ignore. He will ask his brother to talk to Cersei to surrender to Daenerys Targaryen, but Jaime will not agree. It's so good, you'll want to rewatch it only to get goosebumps again. Bran's longtime guardian Meera, too, only appeared briefly (though there are some hints she may return in the coming weeks). It also shows how close Game of Thrones is to nearing its conclusion as its major characters are finally starting to come back together.

Likelihood: Medium-low. But it's fun to think of the great dialogue that could be written for sparring matches between Jaime and the Hound. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

Since the area is crawling with Dothraki, Jaime and Bronn are probably going to be captured and taken back to Dragonstone as prisoners of war. "Flee, you idiot", mutters Tyrion from a distance, but Jaime is beyond hearing range.

This would also put Cersei at a crossroads. When meeting his sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) once more, he didn't tell her any of the important information he had discovered, instead opting to let her know how lovely she looked on the night she was raped. So clearly, she's due a betrayal for love. But he is more familiar with the politics of the Seven Kingdoms than she is, and he knows his siblings, as well as their weaknesses.

Michele Clapton, who served as a costume designer during the first five seasons of the show, gave a talk at UCLA a year ago and, as Quartz recently reported, revealed that the costumes for the Night's Watch were actually made from IKEA rugs.

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