Three More Popular Indie Games Coming To Nintendo Switch


Super Meat Boy Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Shannon Grixti

Nintendo Switch is not here to stop.

In a follow-up tweet, Team Meat made it clear this is in fact Super Meat Boy, not Super Meat Boy Forever (we've heard rumblings about the latter game finally releasing, possibly for Nintendo Switch). The games Super Meat Boy, Mutant Mudds, and Inversus are all heading to Nintendo's new console.

Team Meat also confirmed this is a port of the original Super Meat Boy, and not anything to do with Super Meat Boy Forever, the new project the indie pair have been working on for nearly three years. Neither developer has announced a release date for their respective titles just yet.

Nintendo's official Twitter account then revealed an expanded version of the "negative space shooter" Inversus. The Switch version will be launched this fall. Dubbed Inversus Deluxe, the game features more maps, ranked multiplayer, new powers, and other additional content.

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