'Weekend Update' rips Trump, the Mooch

NBC via Getty Images

NBC via Getty Images

"Weekend Update" has been a centerpiece of "SNL" since its debut in 1975 with Chevy Chase as anchor. Co-anchor Colin Jost cited the upheaval surrounding the White House, saying that while he was unsure whether Trump had colluded with Russia, "He's definitely colluding with 'Dancing With the Stars'".

The half-hour show - which will provide four weeks of original summer filler - also featured "SNL's" Mikey Day and Alex Moffatt reprising their roles as the president's sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, respectively. Accuracy aside, there was some genius to Moffat/Eric's hypnotized reaction to being handed a fidget spinner to distract him from mentioning Junior's legal difficulties. Che and Jost have been absent for much since, including the quick rise and quicker self-immolation of short-lived White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and the resignation of Trump spokesman Sean Spicer, a favorite "SNL" parody target. It was less an impression of The Mooch and more about the realization that Anthony Scaramucci was probably always a second-tier Bill Hader character and not a real person.

A rhythm they hope translates to prime-time laughter. "He said, son, go out there and tell the truth".

Leslie Jones also joined the broadcast to show off her "Michelle Obama arms."

While Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" segment is the epitome of fake news, the jokes often hit awfully close to home.

Expect to "maybe" see guest appearances from other cast members. So instead, NBC brought back its most famous segment: Weekend Update. There are dozens of examples of ideas that originated on Saturday Night Live that ultimately didn't pan out. And what better way to get voters to remember a season dominated by Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon than with something else that is absolutely, incontestably also a part of the show? While Saturday Night Live might be the show with the most Emmy awards and nominations, it's summer and not everyone's going to tune in. I'll watch it again, but mostly because NBC tricked my DVR into recording it for me, but as with regular SNL, future non-reviewing viewership may include some fast-forwarding.

"Summer Edition" below, premiering tonight at 9:00 on NBC 12.

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