Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

Anna Paquin responds to BBC's viral clip

However numerous nearly four million viewers became somewhat distracted when one of the computer screens in the background showed a woman removing a black top and bra, clearly revealing a set of breasts.

Her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer also saw the amusing side asking his wife which of the show's many sex scene it was. "This some of the funniest s*** I've seen in a while!" Thanks for the giggle!

The two joked about the drama on Twitter.

Even her husband Stephen Moyer, who she stars alongside in the vampire series, got in on the act, asking which sex scene it was.

Paquin summed up the feeling of, erm, featuring on the BBC news by saying: 'ya know you've made when.... your tits photo bomb the news at 10'.

Moyer wrote: "This is fantastic and making me very happy".

Her co-star in the scene, Robert Kazinsky, also had a laugh at the BBC's expense, tweeting: "Thankfully it's a shot of you and not my tombstone tied donut eating belly".

"Which scene is it?" he then asked, "They have annoyingly blurred it out".

A woman could be seen taking off her top and exposing her boobs in the clip, which had many fans speculating the journalist could have been watching porn.

Welp, mystery solved. We now know whose boobs went viral in that BBC News clip.

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