Corky Pickering: The solar eclipse of 2017

Corky Pickering: The solar eclipse of 2017

Corky Pickering: The solar eclipse of 2017

During totality, the corona has a wide range of brightness so it's best to use a fixed aperture and a range of exposures from approximately 1/1000 to 1 second. "NASA predicts that 1 million people will visit our region for this event", states the memo. Add to that the capability to stream the event globally, and you have what will likely be the largest audience for any eclipse ever. For more information, see and The moon goes around the Earth, the Earth goes around the sun, we know those periods very precisely.

"I would go off the official NASA recommendation and use one of their eclipse viewing shades" he said.

Just so we're clear.

Even if it is smoky or cloudy the eclipse will happen and safety is the number one goal.

Retired NASA astronomer Fred Espenak said he's been waiting for this eclipse for decades. Eclipses of the sun can be predicted thousands of years in advance.

For those in the path of totality, viewers can expect to see total darkness at this point.

Anyway, it was nice observing the eclipse with an expert, in comfort, with a cool one.

The eclipse has afforded residents in the path new entrepreneurial opportunities. "It will be just the nudge some new Einstein needs".

Leonard Bates was nine years old when he saw his first eclipse.

"The total solar eclipse is an exciting event, which could cause distractions for motorists", Illinois State Police Director Leo Schmitz said. Now he hopes kids will be inspired to carry the torch into the future. That sense of wonder, of true awe, is a hard thing to teach. Please note that the library will close for an hour so employees can be outside when the total eclipse occurs. The partial eclipse starts around 11:41 a.m. "That is awesome. Everything else pales in comparison". Krupp, with Griffith Observatory, said this will be the most promoted eclipse in history.

Or if you want to take the online experience to another level you could buy a virtual reality headset and experience the eclipse anywhere in the country, say Casper? During the eclipse, they'll launch high-altitude balloons packed with science experiments, artifacts and cameras.

"So we got together one weekend and brainstormed and came up with the outline", said Runyon, who has partnered with Hurd on other space-related Braille books. "Our partnership with Professor Runyon has a long and productive history, and this is the latest example of how we continue to connect with everyone". The southern half of Wyandotte County Lake at 91st and Leavenworth Road is not in the totality area, while the northern half is, according to the map.

We can't know what the future will hold - whether kids will truly find inspiration in totality, or whether our divisions will heal - but we seem destined to be affected, to some degree, by this cosmic alignment. "It's a chance to experience space science without having to leave home".

And if this eclipse doesn't do the trick, plenty more are coming soon.

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