Peace - the focus and theme of International Youth Day

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Peace - the focus and theme of International Youth Day

"As secretary-general of the United Nations, I am committed to the empowerment and inclusion of every young person around the world", he added.

"My goal would be to ensure that young people have a voice in all of these processes at the United Nations, with a special focus on the participation of girls and young women", she said, noting that young people comprise over half of the world's population, the largest youth population in history.

"The Purpose of the day is to draw attention to issues affecting youths; issues that surrounds young people".

The International Youth Day was observed across the world on 12 August 2017 with the theme "Youth Building Peace".

"Young people are essential for any lasting solution leading to peace".

Considering matters of youth, peace and security from a social developmental perspective, this year the day recognises that more societies around the world are recognising the role of youth as agents of change and critical actors in preventing conflict and building peace.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, on her first official trip, the secretary-general's new youth envoy is carrying out dialogue with young people and meeting with United Nations officials.

The official event to celebrate the International Youth Day is set to be held at the United Nations Headquarters in NY, under the theme "Youth Building Peace". The day is marked with a dedication towards celebrating the contribution of the youth in creating a better future, through peace-building and sustainability.

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