Scientists love Lemmy, name a reptile after him

Lemmy the Crocodile

Scientists love Lemmy, name a reptile after him

A Jurassic crocodile that terrorised coastal waters around the United Kingdom has been named after the late Motorhead frontman Lemmy.

Natural History Museum, London curator Lorna Steel said in a press release, "Although Lemmy passed away at the end of 2015, we'd like to think that he would have raised a glass to Lemmysuchus, one of the nastiest sea creatures to have ever inhabited the Earth".

And so: Lemmysuchus obtusidens was born, 164 million years after it died.

According to the scientists that have named the ancient croc in Lemmy's honor, they believe it lived a lifestyle the rocker would approve of.

Asked which her favorite song is, Steel says she has a lot of them - but "the most appropriate one is 'Killed by Death, ' which I have asked to be played at my funeral".

"With a meter-long skull and a total length of 5.8 meters, it would have been one of the biggest coastal predators of its time", University of Edinburgh paleontologist Michela Johnson said in a release.

The Lemmysuchus, or Lemmy's crocodile, was originally improperly categorized along with remains of other sea crocodiles found in the area, but as scientists uncovered more about the species Steel saw an opportunity to pay respects to the Motorhead rocker.

Lemmysuchus belonged to an extinct group of reptiles called teleosaurs, which were distantly related to today's crocodiles.

"It can be hard to identify new species as we are normally working with incomplete fossil skeletons", Ms Johnson, a PhD student, said.

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