Southwest Airlines employee delivers lost luggage to cancer patient overnight

Courtesy Stacy Hurt Stacy Hurt 46 took to Facebook to thank a Southwest Airlines employee for going the extra mile in finding her lost luggage

Courtesy Stacy Hurt Stacy Hurt 46 took to Facebook to thank a Southwest Airlines employee for going the extra mile in finding her lost luggage

Just when we thought people were selfish and cared only about themselves, a Southwest Airlines employee proved us wrong when she went out of her way to find a cancer patient's lost bags with valuable mementos and medications.

Rowan, 27, had answered a customer call from a panicked Hurt, who had just flown from Nashville to Pittsburgh on a Southwest flight, according to an ABC News story this week.

Rowan explained to Hurt she would watch for her bag and have the courier ship it out once it arrived in Pittsburgh, but when her luggage arrived at 2:30 am, hours after the last courier had left for the night, Rowan made a decision to take matters into her own hands. It also had sentimental items like a rosary and a lucky T-shirt.

Clutching a bouquet of roses, Stacy Hurt could hardly hide her excitement when she walked to the ticket counter and delivered a surprise "thank you" to Sarah Rowan.

Rowan had another inspiration: She lost her father to cancer. That's when Sarah personally drove to Hurt's home at 3 a.m. and left the luggage on her doorstep with a note that read "Sorry for the delay getting your bag to you". However, her luggage, which contained vital medication she needed in it for her chemotherapy, hadn't turned up.

"Just a lot of things that were very important to me and comforting to me going through this process", she said.

"When I saw it the next day I just figured a courier had brought it but then when I got to my phone and I got her voicemail at 2:53am telling me that she had delivered it, it was like insane", Stacy said. "She didn't say she needed it, but those are things that have been with her [for] her entire cancer journey". She would use them to keep her comfortable as she sat for hours with a chemotherapy needle in her arm the next morning.

Sarah said she would track down the luggage and if it came in that night, would make sure a courier brought it to Hurt's home.

"I was so exhausted from the traveling the lost luggage but that experience, that note is the boost I needed to go that day", she said.

Then she opened it up and found a note, which Sarah had personally written on tissue paper. "I felt a very strong connection with her from the start". "Who does this type of thing?"

Hurt woke up the next morning to her luggage sitting on her front porch with a note wishing her good luck at her appointment.

The pair met for the first time after the photo went viral, and after a warm embrace, Hurt told Rowan she hoped they would be friends for life. "You feel especially vulnerable, shaken, and scared", Stacy said. "To meet the woman who helped me during that hurried and panicked night - she's my guardian angel, she's my light in the darkness".

To Rowan, the feeling is mutual.

"You are as lovely as what you did", Hurt told Rowan.

Of Rowan, the mother of two said: 'She just epitomizes everything good.

"I said to her, 'When you get married one day, I'm going to be dancing at your wedding, '" Hurt said. "That's why I'm still here".

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