Jose Mourinho replies when asked about Man United's fourth summer signing

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Jose Mourinho replies when asked about Man United's fourth summer signing

"And last season that didn't happen much - we were focused on the goals that our striker was scoring and when he was not scoring, the team was a little bit in trouble to win matches".

"When this season I got a call that Matic wants to play for me, he wants to come to Manchester United and he can make it happen, I thought he was the ideal player for me".

"My dedication to my job is always the maximum even more than when I started".

'When I got a call that Matic wants to play for me, I thought he was the ideal player for me.

"It's not just for his qualities but my relationship with him".

'I'm on fire, ' he smiled when asked to describe his mood.

However, the club did win the Europa League and the League Cup, giving the manager a platform of success on which to build.

Mourinho likes his teams to be streetwise and physically imposing.

'Matic is one of those players where there are no question marks with him.

Since joining the Premier League, the Belgian has had four seasons of 15-plus goals, and a year ago he was on the scoresheet for a whopping 25 times.

Since Ferguson's departure, United have finished seventh, fourth, fifth and sixth in the Premier League.

"He's one of those players who gives me what I like in a player, which is consistency". But Matic is Matic.

"I think everybody is in Europe". After a first season of transition, Mourinho must stamp his authority on this team and is under a lot of pressure to deliver the coveted Premier League title.

The Portuguese coach says he is happy with the window so far. We are going to try to win the title. That is normal but not enough, ' he stresses. The one in front of the camera and another Mourinho in the dressing room. So I don't think he'll be a huge loss to them. Man City - fantastic boss, great spending, already very good players, they are equipped. Arsenal the same, they didn't sell the top players like Ozil, Alexis, that some expected.

"He's a good player, he's a player that will always score goals, he is a player that I would always welcome in my squad because he doesn't need many minutes on the pitch to score a goal".

Mourinho's confidence is largely because he feels United are a club that now carries his influence.

"He thrived in the Championship, scoring 23 goals, and now he has the chance to prove he belongs at the highest level". The medical department is better and we are much stronger as a team in the analysis department.

'I am doing the work that I've done with every other club so we go for it this season. "That's my aim and at the end of the season we will see the results". I want, I want!

The Hammers finished 11th in the Premier League past year, as they settled into their first campaign at the London Stadium, recovering well after a very shaky start at the new ground. I am on fire'.

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