Judge Throws Out Fired DJ's Suit Against Taylor Swift

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DJ's Lawsuit Against Taylor Swift Dismissed

The judge in Taylor Swift's groping trial has thrown DJ David Mueller's case out of court.

The judge said that "Taylor Swift did not act improperly". Mueller is said to have groped Swift during a photo-op at a concert in 2013. She declined to speculate how long the incident lasted. He stayed latched on to my bare a** cheek as I moved away from him.

But many never talked about it, let alone went to police. Furthermore, the case will continue its hearing on arguments on Taylor Swift's countersuit against Mueller this coming Monday. But he admitted he did not know for sure where his hand was because he was concentrating on the photographer.

Mueller sued Swift after her team reported the alleged assault to his bosses at a country music station.

The judge previously tossed out Mueller's defamation-of-character claim against Swift, originally leaving her only to face a tort claim of interference with contractual obligations and prospective business relations. Swift had sued the ex-radio DJ for groping her at a 2013 concert when she posed for a photo with him and his girlfriend.

Swift said that she didn't say anything at that time because she was so intimidatingly shocked, and didn't take the issue to court before being sued because she didn't want it to define her career. Martinez did say there's evidence to support a damages claim over the KYGO contract but not for future earnings. She has pledged to donate any judgment she wins beyond that to charity. Taylor Swift is claiming that Mueller grabbed her just beneath her skirt and one of her security guards witnessed it.

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