Leonardo DiCaprio to portray Leonardo da Vinci in his next movie

Leonardo Di Caprio and Leonardo da Vinci Images Getty

Leonardo Di Caprio and Leonardo da Vinci Images Getty

It has been confirmed that Leonardo DiCaprio will play his namesake Da Vinci in an upcoming biopic.

Isaacson, a former Time magazine editor and CNN CEO, previously wrote the best-selling biography Steve Jobs, which was turned into a successful film directed by Danny Boyle and starring Michael Fassbender in the title role.

Da Vinci's works including The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa however the book - which has yet to be published - will focus on not just his art but his passion for science, study of anatomy, love of birds and his lifelong enthusiasm for theatrical productions, many of which ultimately informed his paintings and inventions. Paramount Studios and Universal Pictures are now in a bidding war for the rights to the upcoming book Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.

His 2007 book, Einstein: His Life and Universe, was the basis for the first season of National Geographic Channel's new series, Genius, which starred Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein.

So, she chose to name the actor Leonardo. DiCaprio got his first name because his mother was looking at da Vinci paintings at the Uffizi the first time she felt him kicking.

The book also reveals Da Vinci to be an easily distracted illegitimate child, who was also left-handed, gay, and a vegetarian to boot.

Appian Way moved from Warner Bros to Paramount, making a three-year deal in March, 2016 right after DiCaprio won Best Actor for The Revenant.

This film is the ninth time that the Oscar award-winning actor will be playing a character based on a real person on screen.

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