Nitish calls on Modi, Amit Shah

Nitish calls on Modi, Amit Shah

Nitish calls on Modi, Amit Shah

Speaking at Madhepura in north Bihar, the former JD (U) chief said he continued to be a part of the mahagathbandhan or grand alliance that defeated the BJP in 2015 assembly elections in the state.

"We have invited all those who disagree with or have differences over Nitish Kumar's decision to ally with the BJP to come for the meeting on the 19th in Patna, but I know they won't turn up", said Tyagi.

Earlier in the day, the JD (U) replaced Mr Yadav with R.C.P. Singh as its leader in the Rajya Sabha. It was obvious since Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had not informed Sharad Yadav when he made a decision to tender his resignation and join forces with the BJP. In a defiant tone, he questioned Nitish's authority for taking the "dictatorial" decision of removing Yadav from the position without holding any party meeting, and said it was time to take the battle to the masses. The party is recognised in Bihar only, where he does not have a single MLA or MP.

Shah said that he met the chief minister, also the head of Bihar's regional Janata Dal (United) party, on Friday and extended him the offer in the wake of the two parties' recent alliance government in the state.

Sharad Yadav's removal from the party comes a day after another leader Anwar Ali was removed for attending a meeting called by Congress to form a strategy against BJP. We founded the party.

Talking about Sharad Yadav's proximity to Lalu Prasad Yadav's RJD, he said during Sharad Yadav's Bihar visit this week, he was surrounded by people from RJD right from the airport, where he landed. He told his people about Nitish Kumar's involvement with the BJP in forming a government.

He added that this was not personal fight against Nitish Kumar but a fight of principles and to save democracy and brotherhood.

Sharad Yadav was not in favour of Nitish Kumar's decision to form an alliance with BJP to form the government in Bihar.

Speculation swirled over his remarks that the party could suspend him. We will go to the people. The leaders standing with Nitish are threatening the other leaders who support me.

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