One Wounded in Stabbing Attack by Jerusalem's Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate

India and Israel share a dubious distinction of bad relations with neighbours

A Jewish state - Israel, was created the following year in May 1948, but no Arab (Palestinian) state has emerged, and the status of Jerusalem remains in dispute.

India and Israel harbour suspicion and paranoia of worldwide organizations where both routinely come under attack from Arab and Muslim countries: India for its handling of the Kashmir issue and Israel for its treatment of Palestinian Arab citizens and its intransigence against establishing a Palestinian State.

The assailant, a woman, approached the victim near the Damascus Gate light rail station, on Sultan Souliman street, and stabbed him in the shoulder.

During initial questioning, the terrorist told police she came to the scene with the intention to attack a Jew.

Israeli border forces then "quickly controlled, neutralized, and detained her", al-Samri said.

Locals later identified the woman as Fadwa Nazih Kamil Rabayaa, whereas Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said she was a 29-year-old resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Bahir.

Illegal Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank have complained about increased lawlessness after a number of Palestinian resistance operations in the area, the Anadolu Agency reported Israeli media saying yesterday.

Palestinians have often cited the daily frustrations and routine Israeli military violence imposed by Israel's almost half century occupation of the Palestinian territory as main drivers for political attacks on Israelis.

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