Report suggests an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity by year end

Report suggests an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity by year end

Report suggests an Apple Watch with LTE connectivity by year end

Assuming Kuo's reporting is correct, I would think this would mean the iPhone 8 will now include a physical Touch ID button on the back of the device.

Many analysts believe that integrating LTE connectivity will help increase sales of the Apple Watch.

The sources said that the Taiwanese firm has been preparing to add a new iPhone SE production line to its plant in Bengaluru, capital of the state of Karnataka. Perhaps Apple will announce it alongside the iPhone 8 in September. This could mean that these babies might have inductive charging, which is more popularly known as wireless charging.

Apple is reportedly readying an upgraded iPhone SE.

According to posts made on the Twitter account of developer Guilherme Rambo, Apple may have just inadvertently revealed details on its latest Apple TV model.

Apple actually gave the game away a few weeks ago when some people found new releases listed in 4K and HDR.

The company's nightmarish year started when the Outline obtained an internal recording at Apple of a meeting ironically titled, "Stopping Leaking-Keeping Confidential at Apple".

As always with rumors and leaks, you should remain skeptical of this one until Apple reveals the iPhone 8. Due to this, the antenna bands become redundant as glass allows the signals to pass through easily. But, by 2020 that number could swell to more than $500 billion thanks to "advancements in mobile payment technology", the report said. The iPhone SE which was released in March last year, came with a 12 MP autofocus camera, a 4-inch retina display, housed the Apple A9 chipset along with an embedded M9 motion co-processor. The device will be automatically locked if someone other than the user tries to unlock the device. That gives us an idea about how the 3D face scanning will work.

Identified as "Peal ID", the new feature will probably shift Apple's biometric tendencies from thumbs to faces, allowing multiple purchases by simply scanning the user's face. You'll have to pay extra for the LTE option of course.

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