School letter: Kids can skip lunch line if parents pay extra money

School letter: Kids can skip lunch line if parents pay extra money

School letter: Kids can skip lunch line if parents pay extra money

The program has, understandably, caused outrage among numerous parents at the school.

"They are all volunteers and any money they generate benefits the students and school".

It was a fundraising letter from the school's Parent Teacher Student Association, or PTSA, and said students who give $100 or more get a "front of the lunch line pass".

Attending middle school is rough enough so when Stephenson saw the form in his 6th grader's orientation packet, he went red. One person who commented said the lunch line pass will make disadvantaged students feel like second-class citizens.

Principal Brian Andrews said he strives to include every child and decried the system that separated students based on monetary contributions.

The principal though, says he never saw the form and would have never included it in the packet. "Hey my dad has more money than you I get to eat first you have to wait you have to wait", Stephenson continued. "You have to wait, you have to wait, '" said Stephenson, imitating the possible teasing and bullying that could come from the fundraising idea. "With middle school already being a very contentious age, with hormones and everything else, the last thing you really want to do is add a food hierarchy on top of that", parent Chris Stephenson told WFLA.

Stephenson and other parents were outraged.

Andrews told WLFA he did not approve of this fundraiser and he was not aware that sponsor forms for such a fundraiser were inside orientation packets.

The PTSA says the letter ended up in the hands of hundreds of students "due to a clerical error"-saying, "This Family and Business Sponsorship program was explored, but we decided not to implement it". Our families have been notified this program is not being offered.

"Where were the checkpoints missed, who allowed and approved documents to be distributed to 300 some odd students without having read it?"

"What we do behind these walls I truly believe we are for all kids and we will continue to do that", Andrews said.

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