The International Main Event Day 5 Recap

Image via Valve

Image via Valve

Now, however, one of eSports' most iconic franchises has claimed Dota 2's biggest prize, as Team Liquid emerged as the winning side of The International 7, taking home over $10 million United States dollars in prize money for its victory.

Team Liquid won The International Dota 2 Championships, taking home a grand prize of $10.8 million.

Other Malaysians - veteran "Ohaiyo" Khoo Chong Xin and newcomer "Ahjit" Lai Jay Son both from Fnatic crashed out in the group stages while "MidOne" Zheng Yeik Nai of Team Secret was eliminated by Team Liquid in the lower bracket match early on.

The third game started very well for Liquid, with the first LFY tier one tower dropping as early as two minutes in. Liquid entered the Losers' Bracket of the tournament early, resulting in a staggering number of elimination matches on the way to the Grand Finals. Liquid faced a number of teams in the lower bracket that were widely favored over the European Union squad, including LGD.

Liquid rode their lower bracket momentum into game one, which resulted in an early rout that went unchallenged for half an hour as the European Union team ran over Newbee, in large part thanks to roaming offlane play of Ivan Borislavov "MinD_ContRoL" Ivanov as Nature's Prophet. Forever Young, who sought a rematch against Newbee in the Grand Final after Friday's loss.

Ahfu, who joined the team in May was the latest addition to LFY which is made up of three Chinese players - "Monet" Du Peng, "Super" Xie Junhao, "Inflame" He Yongzheng, and captain "ddc" Leong Fat-meng from Macau. They lost this year, but it wasn't because they choked like they did last year.

The dominating snowball style of Team Liquid shone in each game of the Grand Finals. But the most impressive-and game winning-was one final Juggernaut slash by Miracle-, superpowered by a Double Damage rune that helped to wipe out the entirety of Newbee.

The current edition of The International is seeing non-western teams - particularly China, taking the tournament by storm.

Most notably, the series was a 3-0 finish in favor of Liquid-the first time a team has completely swept a Valve event final.

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