Tom Cruise Injured While Filming Stunt on 'Mission: Impossible 6' Set

Leap of faith Aged 55 Hollywood action man Tom Cruise is showing no signs of slowing down after being spotted leaping from rooftop to rooftop in London on Saturday

Tom Cruise Injured While Filming Stunt on 'Mission: Impossible 6' Set

We won't be seeing the new Mission Impossible movie until summer 2018 and it promises to be exactly the same as the previous 5 Mission Impossible movies! During the famous Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation stunt that had Cruise hanging on the outside of a plane, the actor was hit by a runway particle.

Tom Cruise sustained an apparent injury while performing a stunt for the upcoming "Mission: Impossible" sequel in London that left him limping and seemingly in pain. Also starring are Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Bassett and Alec Baldwin. A video obtained by TMZ shows him missing his landing point and hitting the building. He was able to get back up, but he continued to limp as he made his way off of the set.

The star took a moment, crouching down with his hand to his forehead, Tom Cruise style, and then then limped back to the edge of the building.

Meanwhile, producer David Ellison previously revealed that Cruise has been "training for a year" for his role in "Mission: Impossible 6". We're going to have big, fast machines.

Seeing how Cruise is integral to such an action-heavy movie, his inability to work due to this injury could greatly affect the production process, similar to what happened with Harrison Ford after suffering an injury while filming The Force Awakens.

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