Unlucky In Love! Justin Bieber Gets Knock Back From Woman On Instagram


Justin Bieber Pursues Girl on Instagram, Finds Out She's Taken!

Jessica Gober claimed that the pop star contacted the Savannah gym where she works after he spied a photograph of her on their Insta page.

Gober also posted a screen-grab of the messages, which read: "Who is that girl", followed by a heart emoji. Earlier in the week, the 23-year-old singer sent an Instagram direct message to Fitness on Broughton, a gym in Georgia, asking about a lovely lady he spotted in one of their pictures. She posted her reaction on Twitter, complete with screengrabs proving that the messages came from Bieber's actual account.

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It's understood that she is 22-years-old and works at the front desk as well as a personal trainer. As for what Bieber is up to these days, he recently canceled the remaining dates of his 2-year-tour. But for the time being, Justin's quest for love continues. "I've got everything I need right here", she wrote next to a photo of herself and her significant other. He wrote a heartfelt Instagram post not long after explaining his choice to do so.

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